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Laser Drilling/ Laser Marking

Laser Beam Drilling

The technique does not involve the blade nor tool bits which wear out. Therefore it is easy to manage consumable supplies.
In additon, non-contact processing enables drilling of thin or brittle fracture materials.

Processing samples
  • Drilling of transparent resin film 透明樹脂フィルムの穴あけ
  • Dimple processing on acrylic material アクリル材のディンプル加工
  • Drilling into silicon wafer シリコンウエハへの穴あけ

Laser marking

The laser beam marks on the surface by abrading, oxidating, removing, transferring and more.
It has been used widely for date marking of foods or printing of lot/serial number.

The use has been expanding in terms of traceability.
Our laser is superior in quality and accuracy compared to commercially available laser marker.

Processing exsamples
  • Marking on transparent resin film 透明樹脂材へのマーキング
  • Marking on metallic material 金属材へのマーキング
  • Transfer printing on glass ガラスへの転写マーキング
  • Engraving on sapphire サファイアへのマーキング


Batch type marking/drilling equipment
Maximum work size  300mm*300mm is possibleバッチ式マーキング・穴あけ装置
In-line type marking equipment
Glass substrates can be carried in/out conveyer to conveyer