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Automatic Transportation System

We always try developing new FA systems to meet a wide variety of needs, have capacity for technology development in both of hardware and software.
Based on the professional experiences in addition to consistent production system from design(machines/electronics/software) to manufacturing, start-up, after follow, and employees' hearts and minds, enthusiasum, we enable high-quality facilities.
Our FA systems that have a lengthy delivery record and experience and know-how, are popular with a wide variety of business customers such as users of clean room, -general environment, -dried environment.



Transportation System in plant

There are many processes in a production plant but mass production is impossible using each process equipment alone. Compared to human body, if process equipment were body parts, transportation would play a role of blood vessels that carry blood.
We believe that right transportation systems are necessary to make best use of advanced process units.
Our transportation systems have a good track record and are popular with customers from mass production to small production.

Automated assembly facility

In production site of in-vehicle parts, electrical components, office automation equipments and others, dedicated devices that supply or assembly components at high speeds, play an influencial role in mass production.

Especially simultaneous control skill of multiple driving and high accuracy of position have been adaptable to needs and technologies for greater sophistication and diversity.

  • 自動組立設備
  • 自動組立設備
  • 自動組立設備

Glass transportation facility

With the diversification of electronics devices, various functional and sized display panels have been becoming popular.
And therefore, in transportation of glass panels, various kind and high accuracy have been required.
Our wide variety of transportation systems(G3 to G10 sized panels, cassete, carrier), since the time of liquid crystal panel, have been popular with customers.
And then our previous technology and track record will be helpful.


Optical disk

Using the control technology established in electronics field, we have developed production equipment for optical disk with alliance partners.
The equipment cleared the conditions that end-users require (Chemical discharge control process, spin coating process) and succeeded commercialization- and mass product.


Transportation system in process   loader/unloader

Various ways of transportation systems are considered in case of installing facilities due to connect process equipments.
Ex. Transfer Machine, AGV, RGV, Conveyor, Robot, Traverser,

Buffer Equipment,  Slide Wagon.
We insight into the needs of the customers and provide appropriate transportation systems by considering the valance of takt, accuracy, quality and others.

工程間搬送システム ローダ・アンローダ

Conveyor Transportation System

In mass-production plant, conveyors are commonly used. Depending on the objects, we combine suitable conveyors from conveyor belt, roller conveyor, vertical conveyor, rotary conveyor, flixible conveyor、tilting conveyor and more, and build a conveyor line.


Wafer Separator / Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment

Thin sliced wafers in the slicing process become sticky by oil. It is a hard work to separate them without damaging but our unique developed skill of separating makes it possible to separate wafers at high speed and deliver the wafers one by one to the post-process.
The equipment has an excellent reputation among the major solar-cell manufacturers in Japan.

ウエハーセパレータ 太陽電池製造装置

OEM Manufacturing Facility

By the synergistic effect of corporate partner's quality products /sales force, and our high-quality control/technical know-how, we have been providing products that are appreciated by end-users.
With the consumer's hard choice, good-quality products have been required more and more. And with this change, required needs for production facilities are becoming high.

Line of conveyor systems
conveyor belt, rollr conveyor, adsorbing conveyor, magnetic conveyor, flexible conveyor、roller conveyor, turnover conveyor, cooling conveyor, in-line buffered conveyor, high-temperature furnace surrounding conveyor, slide conveyor, vertical conveyor, free conveyor, weighing conveyor, tilting conveyor, positioning conveyor, turn-over conveyor、 transfer equipment, walking beam transfer, robotic transfer, Bernoulli transfer, adsorbed transfer, and more.